Yamaha TX816 Emulation

The video is a work in progress of my DIY Yamaha TX816 using 4 microdexed modules.   I created a small circuit board that made it easier to navigate and use the microdexed module.  Using a ZIF socket for the Teensy microcontroller made it easier to swap out modules for “programming”.  By programming, I mean set the default bank, volume, midi channel, etc.   With MicroDexed, there is no FM programming interface available via the knobs and LCD

   I soldered together 4 Teensy MicroDexed modules, put it in a box and made a DIY TX816.  The first rendition had no LCDs or knobs.  Although I could play it via MIDI, there were a few problems.  It had some ground “hum” and since there was no LCD, it made for a boring video demonstration.  There were no LEDs or anything that gave the viewer an idea that the module was actually producing sound.   If anyone is interested in the schematic of the above board, below is my handwritten schematic.  Note, the LCD is the one I sourced here locally so it was not compatible with the LCD drivers that come with MicroDexed and had to be rewritten.    Your mileage may vary depending on the LCD module you use.